Reginald Chapman

instrumentalist / arranger / composer / educator

Pressure Fit Spring Tour 2018


     The very first tour under my name is completed. Of course I couldn’t do it alone! The contribution from my road brothers Elijah Harris, Kurt Shelby, James Russel Sims, Robert Brooks, Melvin Knight, and Ryan Easter was integral in making it a complete success. 

    We got cut by bass trumpet master Ryan Shultz’s band at Martyr’s on May 17th. I mean Pressure Fit sounded great, but we got cut. Although... I did get to see my name on a marque.         

    Due to the opportunity given to us by Hot and Dirty Brass we were able to play a very local watering hole in Milwaukee May 18th to a receptive audience. In return I ended up playin two 90 min sets. One with Pressure Fit on my sponsored BAC Bass Trumpet and Bass Trombone and another set with Hot and Dirty Brass on Mike Clobes’ Vintage sousaphone. To say the least I had to ice my chops all the next day. 

    On Saturday May 19th we had home field advantage we played Blackbird Urbana to a room packed with familiar and non familiar bodies and faces, dancing and smiling back at us. It was by far the biggest crowed we’ve played for in town. 

    On Monday may 21st we played in Louisville, Kentucky. Rebecca Rego graced us with a duo set of her autobiographicaly drenched, cryptic and subtle sonic songstress prowess. Following that was Local Heroes Billy Goat Strut, I had never heard 20’s and 30’s jazz and popular music played with such conviction by people who obviously identify highly with the form. Our set was litty and took us by surprise considering we were playing on a Monday night in a death metal bar in a foreign market. Huge thanks to new friends and fans made there, as well old friends. Also… we stayed at a goat farm that night, and I touched the electric fence even though I was warned multiple times not too… I’m that dude. 

    The next day, (may 22nd) after touring the goat farm and seeing the guard lama, we trekked to Cincinnati where we played at a brewery at a church on the most diverse bill ever known to singular cells growing out of the primordial sludge. It was tite tho!!! Shout out to Tomato Dodgers and to the music scene in Cincy. 

    The Tonic Room show in Chicago (may 24) with Emily Blue and Fay Ray was the most exciting in my opinion. It was like a reunion for old friends, I have had meaningful personal experiences with everyone that graced the stage last night. All the sets were next level and the fire in the room was contagious. 

    Our Founders Brewery show was a testament to the power of music. It took them a while to warm up to us, it might have been our avant tinged opening song… by the end we had people at the edge of the stage freaking out and we had to hide Melvin Knight from the ladies. 

    I am feeling super blessed from above and grateful to see the fruits of hard work, community, love, support and determination as shown through the last 10 days of touring with some of the most solid people I know. #Pressurfit #Dangustour

                        — Reginald Chapman 


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